About me

I was born in 1963 in a horsens meadow.
I moved to Aalborg in 1965
with my mother and two brothers (my sister was born in 1966) raised in Hasseris in Aalborg.
I went to Poul Pagsgade school for 6 classes, from 7 classes and up to 8 grade I went to Ryesgadeskole.
Attended Åbybro Youth School where I took 8 classes in the years 1978-79.
In the Lord's 1983, I was summoned to the military
Is a sophisticated trainer, my function sanitation provider.
In 1991 I was employed at HMH = Holstebro Military Hospital
(HMH was set up during the War of Golf.)
In 1995, I became a professional soldier in the Danish International Brigade.
Where I helped create one of the best millitarian hospitals in the world.
I was employed until 1998.
Today I am employed at Aalborg commune/Springeren-Maritimt
Now living in Aalborg municipality with my wife And my lovely cat.